Smart Cities

Contracted in response to Infrastructure Canada’s National Challenge by Yukon Government, and the City of Whitehorse. I was responsible for the internal and external communications, marketing, event web development, design, as well as public engagement for the Smart Cities – Whitehorse application development, which include but are not limited to:

  • Social media process development, content creation, and public engagement.
  • Public relations management through media coverage by planning interviews with CBC and CKRW.
  • Representing the campaign at marketing events such as trade shows and conferences.
  • Providing strategic advice to Yukon Government and The City of Whitehorse about public engagement and community development process.
  • Planning “Hackathon” event, including: catering, venue coordination, invitation coordination.
  • Managing project budget to include all; Advertising, contractors, venues, catering, print, web hosting and other digital resources.