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Springboard Management Inc. is a leading management system services company committed to helping organizations achieve regulatory compliance, optimize system implementation, and improve business practices.

Various projects included developing and launching provincial campaigns and software in the health and safety sector. Brand development, video, web design, marketing and web strategies, trade show and conference prep, and managing contractors from various industries.

I was responsible for leading large development and creative teams to create and launch national employee health and safety engagement campaigns, software and information systems projects concurrently, primarily in the utilities sector. Duties required but were not limited to:

  • Consistent brand development, including creating brands for different services provided by the business, as well as creating promotional materials.
  • Representing Springboard at marketing events such as trade shows and conferences.
  • Developing and designing all company websites.
  • Providing strategic advice to the CEO and CFO in regard to internal and external communications, public relations, and external service development.
  • Supervise a staff of graphic designers and external contractors including: hiring and firing, signing off time sheets, providing performance reviews, approving major project development, and providing strategic guidance on design and communications development.
  • Project management of new software improvements and applications created by the development team.
  • Providing communications services including health and safety program branding exercises, for utility companies across Ontario.
  • Developing marketing strategies and tools which will advise and support management in business development opportunities.
  • Helping the CEO write speeches, and prepare for interviews and public speaking events.
  • Developing executive abstracts and presentations for key conferences and events.
  • Directing and managing the company’s social media efforts.

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